Chef Lisa's Dinner Table
Chef Lisa's Dinner Table
Lisa Brooks

The Dinner Table

Let's FEAST together! Come on in, pull up a chair and have a seat at the table!

About Me

I am super passionate about helping people rediscover the joy of feasting together. It's why I love to cook and more importantly, why I love to teach! 

I believe that food connects us all and those who are passionate about food and cooking are in our happy place when we are eating, talking, sharing and watching anything and everything about food!

It is my hope that as a part of this community, you will experience a sense of belonging, acceptance, honor and joy!

There's a seat at the table for you! Come get full!

Why You Should Join Us

Get exclusive access to all of my social media video recipes - plus extras! This is the ONLY place you will find them!

Get the Tips and Chef's Notes I don't have time to include in my videos!

Learn all about the kitchen tools I use and where to get them!

Connect with people who share the same interest in cooking as you!

A Big Thanks

I appreciate all of your likes and follows on all my social media pages. Joining me here at The Dinner Table will certainly help me to create even more content and allow me to connect more personally with you!